Welcome to The Aftermath!

We will be using this site to set up the campaign, keep up to date with each other, and schedule times that we can play. Think of it like a Facebook group, except better, and not on Facebook.

I would really like if you guys could take some time to look around the site, see what it has to offer, and start thinking about your characters. I plan to make this a character driven campaign, so be as creative as you can with your character back story. If you want to be an Orc princess from a distant country, go for it!

One last note, I want every character to have something special in their bloodline or heritage. I don’t necessarily care what it is, but I’m more than willing to talk it out with you guys. I want it to be something that I can use as a hook to explore each characters past.

Feel free to contact me any time to talk about the campaign, your character, or my favorite pizza toppings.

I will be uploading a map as soon as I create it, and a couple wiki pages giving a background for the campaign. Please take some time to write a back story for your characters and upload them to this page.

Thanks guys, it will be fun.

The Aftermath

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